• Are your online sales as barren as a vast desert wasteland (not be confused with a vast dessert wasteland, which wouldn't be the worst thing)?
  • Are leads coming in at the rate of molasses going uphill in winter in Siberia?
  • Could your overall copy use a little nip-tuck and a firmer, brighter and tighter appearance?

If you said "heck, yeah!" to any of the above... I see you, digital CEO. And I know your pain. 

My 10-Point Proprietary Website Review can help clear up cloudy copy, fine-tune your message... and unlock conversions.

Let's rock.

- Linda

"So what can a website review do for me?"

IN A WORD: A LOT (okay, two words)

Starting with better conversions (leads and opt-ins),  

... and sales that make your Stripe notifications ping like hail off a tin roof

Clearer messaging 

... so your readers and potential clients and customers understand your brand. 

They'll know what you do, how you're different from the competition – and how you can help them.

More persuasive copy 

... taps into the hearts and minds of your readers. They will know you "get" them – and the ways in which your solution works to solve their problem.

+8 Other fine-tooth combing items

I'll put your website through my 10 virtual wringer of checkpoints from headlines, subheads, crossheads, persuasion, body copy, calls to action – and more. 


1. Choose 3 of website pages most in need of a redo

2. Click the button below, pay, and fill out the form 

3. Go grab a coffee or glass of wine and chill 

I'll take it from there. 

All for $799*

WHAT's included?


A detailed, recorded walk-through 

You'll receive a 45 - 60 minute video website review, where I walk you through overall suggestions for ways to boost conversions and tighten up your copy. I'll include recommended copy for one key area you choose or a section I feel could use the most work.


Detailed transcripts

You'll also receive transcripts of the entire review. I'll highlight important areas and include sections so you can fast forward to parts you want to review again.


Follow-up call / Q & A 

After you receive your personalized website review, we'll set up a 30-minute follow-up call to go over any questions you may have.

Here's an example of a mini makeover...

Linda Melone

Linda Melone

Meet your conversion copywriter...

Hi, I'm Linda.

Nice to meet you!

I could talk about the years I've been writing (15+), the awards I've won (several) and the fact that I've run my own website for years. 

But none of that matters if I can't help YOU, right?

So here's the deal: I'm a conversion copywriter obsessed with creating high-converting copy that produces measurable results. I've done it for my own business as well as for my clients.

Helping you get your website up to speed is a great way to see how conversion copywriting works... and the difference it can make in your business.

Got questions? Drop me a line at

"Wait... what if I only need help with a single website page?"

I gotcha covered. Get all of the above for the page of your choice.


*Introductory limited time offer!

© 2020 Linda Melone Writes