"I need help with my copy STAT!"

I got ya covered... 

I'm Linda, conversion copywriter.

Hire me as your personal conversion copywriter for a day.  

I'll boost your landing page copy, write high-converting emails... whatever it takes to get you out of the weeds and back to business.

When you need copy for your online business and don't have weeks to hang out on a waiting list, consider me your copywriting pinch hitter... 

√ No long term commitment 

√ No proposals 

√ No back-and-forth for days 

√ No waitlist

Just copy that works for what ails you. Right now.

Linda Melone, conversion copywriter

"Working with Linda feels like I'm working with a super sharp friend (who's a great listener) who can translate what you say into compelling words on a page. She helped me double the number of members in my coaching group -- during the pandemic! --since my last launch."

-- Denise Soler Cox // Co-Founder of Project Eñye + Keynote Speaker

Copywriter On Tap

Here's what I can do for you in ONE day (choose one*):

  • Analyze a landing page and create copy improvements
  • Write a short email sequence (3 to 4) 
  • Analyze and improve an About page or Homepage
  • Create a long-form Facebook ad 
  • Audit a sales page and edit for improved conversions
  • Review and critique 1-2 web pages (depending on length)

Here's what I can do for you in a HALF day (choose one*):

  • Analyze a landing page and suggest copy improvements
  • Write two targeted emails 
  • Analyze and critique an About page or Homepage
  • Create a short-form Facebook ad or edit a long-form ad
  • Audit a sales page and offer suggestions for improved conversions

You're Only FIVE STEPS Away from 

Copy Stress Relief...

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    Pre-purchase HERE to hire me for a day, or HERE for 1/2 day  
  2. 2
    Fill out the intake form as instructed on the purchase page or click the yellow button below 
  3. 3
    Schedule your intro call with me (on the intake form) - and your Copywriting-on-Tap Day
  4. 4
    I then get to work. We communicate throughout the day as needed (via text or Voxer)
  5. 5
    I complete the work and walk you through the results 

Once you've made your purchase (above) click below to get the ball rolling! 

Questions you may be pondering...

Can you really get this done the same day I sign up?

It's possible, but it depends on my schedule - and your time zone. But usually a couple day's notice is best to reserve a half day and a week+ to reserve a full day. Email me before signing up if you're on a super tight deadline.

What do you consider a "full" day vs. "half" a day?

It'll be like an (approximate) typical work day, a full day is eight hours and half day is four hours. 

What if I'm not happy with the results?

You will be!  Because we'll discuss your expectations and goals ahead of time. Plus, we'll be in touch throughout the day and will address concerns as they pop up.

and these...

What if you can't complete everything within the designated time?

I manage my time efficiently so that doesn't usually happen. If the job is more time-consuming than anticipated, I'll make sure you know how to pick up where I leave off.

How do you know this is a fit for me?

If you have a clear goal in mind and an offer or lead magnet that's already working (but falling short... which is why you're here) - you're golden. 

What results can I expect?

You can expect clear, targeted copy in line with your goals, in the voice of your best customer, and written to increase conversions according to our agreement. 

*If you need more than one of these tasks done, contact me at the email below.

Got other questions? Hit me up at Linda@LindaMeloneWrites.com