Writing isn't hard.

Writing copy people actually read is another thing.

Truth is, creating compelling copy is a combination of art and science

Whether you're writing a landing page, email, Facebook ad – any other copy that requires readers take action – you need to start with a solid, time-tested foundation...

a template that transforms browsers and curiosity seekers into customers and clients.

"Winging it" by throwing word spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks ensures you'll spend many wasted hours refreshing the Google Analytics button, wondering why no one's clicking on your awesome offer.

You can blame your sales funnel...

      hire a new virtual assistant...

         create a new logo or redo your entire website

But if your copy is yawn-worthy, all about me-me-me, or otherwise uninteresting to the reader, all of these attempts to resolve the issue will simply be (another) waste of time and money. 




And YOU can be privy to those same formulas for less than the amount of cash you found stuffed between your couch cushions last weekend.

That's right...

In 15 High-Converting Copywriting Formulas you'll have access to handed-down, proven, effective templates pros have used successfully for decades. 

Whether you're a beginner or a more advanced writer looking for new approaches, you'll have a backpack full of ideas you can use right away. 

No more worrying if your email, landing page, ad or what have you will hit home for your ideal customers.

Because you got this. Every. Single. Time.

In addition to writing formulas, you'll discover:

  • Why deleting your first paragraph is nearly guaranteed to improve readability
  • The #1 copywriting formula as effective for long-form copy as it is for Tweets
  • A formula created decades ago by a legendary copywriter that works today


Want a sample sneak peek of the

15 High-Converting Copywriting Formula guide? Check it out below... 

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A Little Bit About Me

Hi, I'm Linda Melone...

I'm a conversion copywriter. I help online CEOs make more money.

I differ from other types of copywriters in that I use research, data and analytics to create high-converting copy.

In other words, I don't use words because they 'sound good.' My approach digs into what's on your ideal customer's mind. 

What challenges them most.

And then I (gently) jump into the conversation going on in their head. 

So by the time they get to your offer, they know you understand them.

They trust you will deliver on what you sell.

The 15 High-Converting Copywriting Formula guide is a way to show I "get" you, too.

I know how hard it is to capture your readers' attention long enough to get your point across. 

So grab a copy (click the red button below my pic), take action, and see how it works for you. 

Got questions or comments? Feel free to email me directly at Linda@LindaMeloneWrites.com.

Go forth and conquer your copy!


P.S. Got another copy conundrum that requires more than a DIY quick fix? Drop me a line at Linda@LindaMeloneWrites.com or click HERE to schedule a quick call.