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As the CEO of an online business, you know the importance of great copy.

You've heard it said enough times: "Copy is your 24/7 online salesperson!" 

You get it.

Problem is, you barely have time to spearhead launches, manage your team, and host live webinars – let alone figure out how to nail this copywriting thing.  

And frankly, you admit, writing's not your jam. 

You’d rather be hosting a webinar, working on your next launch or anything other than staring at a blinking cursor at 10 p.m. hoping the copy writes itself. 

But the reality is, it won’t. 

And now with a launch looming days away, it's too late to hire a copywriter. 

So after three more cups of black coffee and another few hours of aimlessly writing, the cursor is now taunting you...

... daring you to type another lame, overdone, overhyped phrase used by every other person in your industry

“I always thought great copy was about using fancy words and having command of the English language."

Fact is, this copywriting shiz is harder than you thought. 

By the time daylight breaks on the morning of your launch, you realize the dream you had of being featured on Gary V’s podcast as the person most likely to be the next Jeff Bezos was just that… a dream.

But somehow you managed to pull together copy that “sounds really good.” 

At least it does to your sleep-deprived brain.

“Done and done!” you announce to no one in particular.

You hit “publish,” send a quick email to your team, and sit back and wait for sales to come in. 

But they don’t. 

You check and double check all the links for the fifth time. It must be a tech issue, you think.

Nope. Still: nada.

Wait! Finally a sale... immediately followed by a request for a refund because the buyer accidentally hit the “buy” key when her infant daughter knocked her hand.

After the entire launch goes to hell in a handbasket, and you’re wondering where that saying even came from, you realize you need to do something.

In addition to needing launches that actually sell your offer, you know better email open rates would help, as would your ability to attract more traffic and reach your perfect customers.

In your heart of hearts, you know your lofty revenue goals won't be met until you get your copy aligned with your business

But maybe. Just maybe... 

There’s still time to hire someone who can turn this ship around before it takes on any more water.

Okay, decision made: Time to outsource.


You quickly discover hiring a good copywriter 

is more exhausting than running up a

downward moving escalator

You find some people and hire from Fiverr and Upwork. You get mixed results at best and plagiarized, time- and money-wasting results at worst.

You believe there are plenty of frog-princes buried underneath all the toads but don’t know how to find them.

You go in the opposite direction and hire a copywriter with a Masters degree in English. Surely they know how to write. 

Strike three. Sure, they can write. But flowery prose and perfect grammar isn't helping conversions.

None of these tactics work.

Finally, you call a fellow business buddy. You feel like you're going to end up doing it all yourself again, but you simply can’t conjure up the energy anymore. 

“When am I going to find time to do this #$%^??” you rant.

The problem is you don’t need a great writer.

You need a conversion copywriter.



Meet Linda Melone

Hey there, I’m Linda.

As a conversion copywriter. The question I get most often is... "you're a what?"

My approach differs from traditional copywriters in one main way:

I create high-converting copy using analytics and proven research on decision-making psychology that produces measurable results...

All this after nearly 20 years writing content for publications such as TIME, Health, Better Homes & Gardens, AARP and just about every other print and online publication out there.

Conversion copywriting is sales focused.

It's about using proven processes and tested methods of discovery to meet your ideal customer where they are.

This process reveals the actions your customers take their thought processes, likes, wants, unfulfilled desires, and so much more.

I use this information to create copy that resonates with them and makes them say, "Are they reading my mind??"

And they can't WAIT to hit that shiny BUY NOW button...

Me hamming it up at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, California

Conversion copywriting gives you...

1. High-converting copy that attracts quality leads

2. Copy that persuades people to make decisions and take action

3. A bump up in conversions across your whole website

4. The ability to capture the tone and voice of your ideal customer and speak in “their language”

5. Crystal clear copy that makes it easy for readers to make decisions

6. Copy that helps build relationships with your readers by capturing their wants, needs and understanding the emotion behind those wants and needs

Here’s why you want to work with me

  • I turn complex concepts and ideas into easily understandable language
  • I capture your brand's voice and personality
  • I strive to exceed your expectations
  • I think creatively as well as analytically
  • I meet deadlines 
  • I'm always professional and easy to work with 
  • I'm the one you call when you want more sales

Results you can measure

"Working with Linda is the best investment I've made in a long time because we got the results I was hoping for! Once I started using her sales page we doubled our enrollment in my monthly coaching program."

Denise Soler Cox

Co-Founder of Project Eñye + Keynote Speaker 


for small projects without a long-term commitment

Copywriter On Tap

When you need better conversions, more sales, or better leads and you don't have time to get on a waitlist or commit to a big project... hire me for a day. Or a half day. Click below for pricing and to see if we're a fit. 

10x Website Review

BY POPULAR REQUEST: My proprietary, conversion-optimization website review is a 10-point assessment (includes 3 web pages) – all recorded for you with a transcript, suggestions for increasing conversions, trouble-spot edits  – PLUS a 30-minute follow-up call.  

Emails that Convert

Do you have a love-hate relationship with emails – you love how they help you connect with your ideal customers but hate writing them? Let me take the reins. I'll write and deliver your emails while you do other things. Or take a nap. I won't judge.

Here's where I can give you a lift...

√ Sales pages

√ Landing pages

√ Opt-in pages

√ Email sequences

√ Email copy

√ Thank-you pages

√ Facebook ads

√ Onboarding emails



Here’s what you can expect when you say, "yes!"

1. You fill out a short questionnaire (button below)

2. If I think I can help you, we schedule a 15-minute assessment

3. I estimate how long the work will take and provide an estimate

4. We verbally agree on the project

5. I send a contract

6. Once it’s signed and after payment is received, the work begins

7. You receive the conversion copy within the agreed upon time frame

For more details on my 3-Step, proprietary


Words that Engage and Inspire People to Take Action

Theresa Cantley

Business strategist and coach

"Linda's ability to tap into the hearts and minds of my customers –and translate it into copy that connected with them – enabled me to DOUBLE my Facebook ad opt-in rate."

Ready to do this?

Click the orange button below to answer a few questions about your business and to see if I may be able to help you

About Linda

Linda Melone

I’ve been through many career incarnations, including years as an award-winning content writer specializing in health and fitness.

But my obsession for using words to make an impact has never changed. 

Clients range from Bowflex, AARP, Health, TIME magazine, MSN Health, and many other online and print publications.

I now exclusively do conversion copywriting. 

To this end, I’m addicted to research. 

Not the bubbling test tube kind (although that may be a more exciting), but research that deep dives into data that uncovers the persona and lifestyle habits, thoughts and buying decisions of your perfect customer's wants, needs and desires. 

I take out the guesswork to make your ideal customers realize YOUR offer is The Perfect Solution to what ails them.

Want to see if we're a good fit? Click below to get in touch.

My A's to your Q's

Do I need a large list of subscribers?

It depends on your goals. But in order to measure open rates for emails, for example, you need a minimum of several hundred for the results to be significant. 

How do you measure results?

It varies, but mainly through A/B testing and comparing prior analytics to current stats. 

What do I need to provide you?

We'd go over this in our initial meeting. But anything related to Google analytics, past and current customer surveys, thank-you page questionnaire results, interviews with current and past customers and more. The more the merrier.

What niches do you work within?

Whenever I specify a niche I find myself working outside of it. So... generally, personality-based service businesses and most online businesses outside of high-tech are a fit. If you're not sure, email me at Linda@LindaMeloneWrites.com and  I'll let you know if I can help.

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